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DM Minerals Group™ appoints Joan Rinomhota as Chief Financial Officer.
2021-06-14 11:47:23

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DM Minerals Group has recently appointed Joan Rinomhota to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). A qualified Financial Accountant, Rinomhota has extensive experience in the public and private sector, where she specialised in public audits and financial consultancy.

At an operational level, her new role will focus on major capital projects and organisational alignment through the financial advisory role that she undertakes. Rinomhota joins a formidable team of black mining professionals who are determined towards propelling DM Minerals Group to greater heights in the competitive mining and minerals industry. 

Speaking on her appointment, Rinomhota said, "I am grateful for the confidence placed in me by DM Minerals Group, and for the opportunity to be part of transformation in the mining industry. This is quite exhilarating, and a challenge I am taking strides to succeed in”.

Rinomhota highlights building a firm and cultured financial system and financial literacy for employees as part of her immediate goals for the business, and says achieving this would certify her success to the company, fellow team members, and the industry.

Rinomhota has kick-started our internship programme as part of her department’s strategic plan for youth skills development and empowerment. She says this is an exciting time for DM Minerals Group as the business has a unique opportunity to forge its path in the everchanging market


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