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2020-10-12 12:54:54

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Passion, a teachable attitude, and consistent self-improvement are imperative to a young professional’s career growth and development. Such is the story of Bafana Mthimunye, a University of Johannesburg graduate who started his professional career in the banking industry where he held various and dynamic positions in the sales and service fields.  It was during this tenure where his interest in the finance and accounting field began, which later prompted a leap of faith for a career change with no formal practical accounting experience.
Mthimunye says it was this opportunity that prepared and paved the way for his next career move to join DM Minerals Group as a Financial Accountant. He says the opportunity has given him a chance to learn, develop, and harness his professional experience in the mining and commodities trading industry and gain further finance and accounting-related experience in practice.

Mthimunye mentions regulatory, labour, environmental, and socio-economic issues as some of the major challenges he has come across within the industry. He hopes to merge his theoretical and practical industry knowledge to improve the financial management function within DM Minerals Group.

As a solution-oriented individual, he has found that agility as a finance professional working in the mining industry is an important factor in ensuring business and professional growth.
Mthimunye lauds his interest in business and finance as the driving force behind his career growth trajectory.

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