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Reflecting on youth inclusion within the mining industry
2022-06-07 07:42:39

The country recently hosted the 28th Mining Indaba, a week of networking, deal-making, and groundbreaking discussions from influential leaders. The overarching theme for this year was 'The Evolution of African Mining: Investing in the Energy Transition, ESG, and Economies.'

With June being symbolically known as youth month, it was imperative to take a moment to reflect on the words of Dr. Nobuhle Nkabane, the Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy who highlighted on the importance of advancing youth development and inclusion at the forefront of these Just Energy Transition programs as well as the new economic opportunities that are emerging.

This can be accomplished by cultivating and harvesting interest through engagement from local mining businesses like DM Minerals Group™. We believe that young people have the opportunity to tap into these opportunities as we transform South African mining through:

 Alternative energy sources (the decarbonisation mandate)

      Beneficiation and localization, in which African countries will invest in increasing the local value of mined minerals.

      Important geographical locations - Limpopo, North West, and Northern Cape - these provinces hold the "future minerals" (Platinum, Vanadium, Manganese, Iron, Base Metals, and so on), thus young people should strive to work in and with these areas.

Sabelo Msiza, COO of DM Minerals Group™, added that the relationship between Just Transition and youth requires purposeful participation from all stakeholders in the mining business. "Transitioning from coal to renewable energy does not have a "one-size-fits-all" answer. This change must be people centred,” he said.

The South African government has established the Just Transition Framework, but South Africans have yet to comment on it, despite the fact that we need to ensure that our opinions are heard through public involvement.

"We will need to heavily deploy technology to fulfil the ESG objectives of decarbonisation, beneficiation, and responsible mining (Mechanisation, Automation and Green technology). Academia and industry must collaborate to prepare the next generation of miners with the skills they will need in a technology-driven future", he said.

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